A Tale told in the Details…

Hey folks, Tom here!

We’ve been quite busy toiling away in the shadows of our small tomb/studio, working feverishly to stitch together the many pieces of our new monster. It’s coming along nicely and if these peeks at Mel’s pristine and razor sharp line-work are any indication, it’ll be something to behold once it’s all done, painted, printed and in your mitts.
We’ve been adamant in our approach to the quality of art on this project. We wanted the work to stand alone in it’s storytelling as well as it’s aesthetic beauty so that you are not only getting a rich and exciting story, but also collections of beautiful, detailed and multi-faceted artwork that you can flip through again and again.
photo 1 photo 2Can you say DETAIL!? Whoa! We promise there will be no shortage of eye-candy and rampant ass-kickery for you to feast on. You might notice a few similarities between this cityscape and NYC, and you’d be dead-on. Division is set in the city that never sleeps, our home sweet home and headquarters of things that “go bump-in-the-night”. Rest assured, this isn’t normal NYC and the world of Division actually encompasses the entire rock we live on, so you’ll need your passports eventually (but we’ll get to that later…)
In other news, the cover painting is well under way and we’ll show you guys a sneak peek of that in our next blog update so stay tuned!. For now we’ll leave you guys with some of the inspiration and tools that allow us to work our dark magic on these pages.

For all of you fellow artists and digital painters out there, hobbyists or pros, you may find some of these helpful for your artwork. Remember.. Reference births rich details and the details (even just implied detail) can make a good piece look amazing!

Here’s a link that was shared by our FB colleagues to some cool armor reference! SWEET looking stuff in here! http://tayasun.livejournal.com/46018.html

Like custom brushes? Here are some pretty awesome brushes to mess around with for textures and environments. All free to use and will definitely add more dimension and diversity to your work. Check em out! http://www.pandemoniumart.net/brushes/

One of our favorite fashion designers to reference for some cool looks for Division and other darkly provocative looks is the talented Gareth Pugh. Check out some of the collections available here and you may get some great ideas for costuming your characters. http://pinterest.com/p8fashion/gareth-pugh/

OK minions, that’s all for now. Next time we will drop more tasty tidbits, sneak peeks and hopefully wet your bloodthirsty appetites with more dark and provocative goodies. As always, stop by our FB page to keep up with our other work and get more news from us.

Until next time.. beware… ne mors capere vos dormientes

- Tom


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