“The Division of Paranormal Enforcement (a super-elite special operations and law enforcement agency) has had its top agent ambushed and killed. Bitten and left for dead, agent Fiction is turned into “Neo-Mortem”: one of the undead. Now living again as one of the very things he had spent his entire career battling, and with his entire agency hunting him down, he has no choice but to traverse the underworld seeking revenge against his attacker and turning his back on everything he once believed in…”

The brand new cover image for Division issue # 1! Coming 10/10/13
Below was the Introduction from our Issue #0 Teaser:
Issue #0 Introduction
By Josh Breidbart - 
Am I sick for just loving the way torn flesh looks?
… Probably.
Seriously, when Page 3 was done, I was shoving my phone in everyone’s face, showing off the carnage The Division was going to be capable of. My sinister goal in writing this comic was to push Tom and Mel to create their most gruesome and harrowing images. To help craft a twisted universe that remained with you even after you closed your eyes. I’d apologize, reader, for subjecting you to such imagery. But in a few moments, I doubt you’ll harbor any grudges against me.
I first met Tom and Mel at New York Comic Con 2011, when their TOMMEL DESIGN table was stationed next to mine. I was there with my best chum, Zack Turner, who’s been the artist to my writer through both Unlife and Fenix Gear (and still is today). Where other neighbors were annoyed by my screams for attention, Tom and Mel laughed at our marketing strategy. They were polite, and more infuriatingly, they were talented. So very talented, with the most horrific and beautiful fantasy art I’d ever laid eyes on. And these two, not only artistic partners but also husband and wife, genuinely loved each other. It’s rare to see such love so apparent. And as I got to know them, I learned that they managed to maintain it through insane working hours, raising a child, and flourishing as artists.
I admit, I was jealous. Still am.
A few months after Con, I had the chance to have dinner with Tom and Mel, and at the end of the evening, Tom brought up his passion project, at the time called “Bloody Show”. As I was leaving, he gave me a copy of his outline.
Within his words was an artist’s world. Pages and pages of the vibrant images in his mind, screaming for an outlet. I wanted to be that outlet.
I’ll skip over the bit where Tom took me out and fed me bottle after bottle of sake until I hurled into a dumpster. That’s neither here nor there, and some horrors don’t need to be relived. Seriously. Stop asking. The point is, after discussing my notes all evening, Tom asked me to be his writer and help craft this world with him and Mel. All my violent expulsions couldn’t match the intensity of my excitement at the opportunity.
And here we are, the darkest corners of our imaginations spiraling into what you see before you. But it’s only a preview of the world that lies beyond. A world where death has been broken. Where demons run from things even more terrible than they are. A rich and beautiful world torn asunder by monstrous humans and sympathetic ghouls. Where nothing is whole or as it should be. Where there is only Division.

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4 thoughts on “DIVISION ISSUE #1

  1. Met you guys at nycc13, I love the Con for guys like you ! Last year it was loaded barrel studios, this year it is you guys!!! I loved, LOVED issue 1 of Division. I want more !!! It is not a zombie book ( thank god), it’s a police book and I need to know how to get issue 2.

    Thanks guys!

    Please tell me this is not going to the web, I want to own these books


    • Hey Bill! We will be printing every issue and then a collected volume after the first 5 issues are done. And so on, and so on, etc…
      Thanks so much for your kind words and support. You have no idea how happy it makes us to hear that!

      Watch this site for updates and releases of the books. Hope to see you at another con!

  2. Hello! I picked up a copy of Division at MoCCA Fest and I have to say that I really liked every page. The colors were “deliciously buttery,” if that means anything to you, not sure of a different way to express it. Costume designs are top notch, characters so far seem to be pretty interesting, and the page with the director’s first “appearance” was very well executed. The panel showing the inside of the helmet was also a pleasant surprise. Very much looking forward to seeing how this series pans out. Only small gripe was how the use of “the” was handled, since there is an instance where Fiction refers to the organization as “the Division” and another where the director uses “Division.” Not sure if that was intentional, just felt weird reading it.

    • a reply from Division writer Josh Breidbart:

      Really glad you enjoyed the issue. Tom relayed your question to me, and I wanted you to know that the use of “the” was intentional, though left unclear for the time being. It all comes back to Bardas’ relationship with the Division. The Division is an organization to the people, but to him it’s something else. I don’t want to give anything away, but the Division is a literal division for him, and he’s been alive so long that he can’t see the difference. As the story progresses, we’ll see how Bardas has been using the Division to his own ends and get a glimpse into what makes him tick and say what he says, regardless of how strange it may seem to us.

      Hope you enjoy what’s to come!”

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