Original story Tom Kirrane-Martinez •  Issue #1 Artwork by Melissa Martinez & Tom Kirrane-Martinez • Written by Josh Breidbart

Division is a supernatural noir graphic novel. The story follows the Division of Paranormal Enforcement’s top agent as his world is inverted and all he knows is turned against him. Issue #1 will be by TOMMEL DESIGN debuted at New York Comic Con 2013 at Artist Alley Booth W2.

Tom Kirrane-Martinez and Melissa Martinez comprise TOMMEL Design Group, a creative partnership with a focus in concept art, comics and design. They have worked together for 6 years on various projects for the entertainment industry.

Fate placed Tom & Mel at their first Comic Con, very near to a very talented young writer named Josh Breidbart who was just ending his time with Blue Sky Studios. They all yapped incessantly and became fast friends. Many adventures later, Josh had a look at a long-time passion project that Tom had been working on and offered to turn the unfiltered artist’s verbal diarrhea, into a cohesive, captivating and well paced script for comics and or film.

Here we are today, five scripts later and Tom, Mel and Josh couldn’t be happier or busier!


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