BACK FROM THE DEAD! With a Vengeance….


Whew! We’re back. Finally! The Holidays were a lot of fun. Unfortunately upon our return, we caught the flu… Then got better! Then got a stomach virus…. Then got better! and BOOM! HERE WE ARE! Finally rested, strong, healthy and diving deeply into work on Division.

Mel has been blazing through the remainder of the issue. She’s churning out line art like nobody’s business. When she collapsed from fatigue this morning, we dragged her off to bed and then raided her computer to sneak a sample to you! So here have a look at one of the thumbnail sketches from somewhere in the second half of issue 1. It’s just a sketch so the final product will be a far cry from this carnival of generic Tom-like figures.

A small sample from the second half of issue 1

A small sample from the second half of issue 1

While Mel is hacking through the jungle of interior pages, Tom is hard at work planning the cover art for the issue. He’s been tossing some ideas around with Mel and cranking out dozens of thumbnail sketches to vet compositions and hone overall ideas. While he went for a 3am snack, we were able to pull one of his thumbnail sheets for you to check out some of the ideas he was working with for the cover!

some rough cover concept thumbnail sketches

some rough cover concept thumbnail sketches

Still no winners but a couple more sketches and something good ought to shake loose.

Aside from working on Division Tom and Mel have also been working on some other interesting side projects (yes that’s aside from Division and working full-time designer/illustrator day jobs).  Mel has been helping her Realm of REM novel blossom into an even more amazing universe of fantastical and macabre adventure. Maybe we’ll have a peek at some of her development materials on that project in the near future?  Tom recently completed a character concept painting for writer Josh Breidbart’s new writing project “Peril and Perish”. You can check out a sample of it here:   Tom’s piece is of the main protagonist Peril. Take a look!

Character Concept Design of Peril from Josh Breidbart's script Peril and Perish

Character Concept Design of Peril from Josh Breidbart’s script Peril and Perish

Well, we really hope you’ve enjoyed this brief update and news of our return. We will post more treats in the coming days. For now, it just feels good to be back, to be productive and in the thick of it with Division. It’s a world we’ve been living in for some time now, and we’re all very excited to start sharing it and inviting you in.

Until next time!


Happy Holidays – taking a breather

Hey again!

Happy Holidays (if you’re celebrating one at some point). We have slowed down a bit while juggling heavy loads at our day jobs, celebrating Tom’s birthday last week (happy birthday Tom!) and fitting in holiday gift shopping sessions. We will also be taking a week to see family and rest our weary heads after this insane development marathon over the last 6 months. Things will be back in full swing after the New Year. Until then, we will try to update the blog from time to time with some little snippets of info and teasers.

Tom has begun some new character concepts while Mel has continued fleshing out the pacing and layouts for the rest of the issue. It’s already looking awesome and we can’t wait to get this into your hands. We promise it’s like nothing you’ve read before. Division combines passion, imagination and the combined professional skills of some of the hungriest lunatics this side of Saturn. Our writer Josh has been making some moves of his own in LA, connecting with comic shops, writing new scripts and grinding his man parts against the most talented people he can find.. So far, no restraining orders, so keep up the good work Josh!

In the coming weeks, check back often because we will begin regular blog updates soon. The goal is two updates a week that will either feature a character spotlight (with art sneak peaks) or a story related blog where we’ll discuss some of the themes that play out in the arcs of Division and it’s inhabitants. We will also be pointing out some colleagues, projects and interesting folks we meet along the way. Today’s update will do just that. :)

While at NY Comic Con 2012, we met the cool dudes from Soul Punk Studios  they came by our table and we got to chatting a bit. They are currently working on their own comic “Road to Pandemonium” Which seems really badass! Check out their tagline: Dante’s Inferno meets Romeo + Juliet in this blood soaked journey from the fallen gates of Heaven to the high capitol of Hell.

Their artwork is pretty great too. Definitely stop on over and check out their Blog and support their Kickstarter campaign because, like us, they are really passionate about their project and are working really hard to bring it to life. You can see some samples and more info on their kickstarter campaign here:

Lastly, I wanted to just pop in a few memories from Comic Con. How much we enjoyed our time there and the ability to meet so many amazing folks. The response to Division was AMAZING and we really are inspired and even hungrier to get it out to everyone.


He was our First Customer! He has the very first Division #0 that we ever sold and signed. Thanks Micah!!

This is Meg, she bought the 100th copy! WhooHOO!!!

We were also selling our Velvet fine art prints.. MMmmm Juicy ;)

Then Crimson Daggers stopped by and showed us some serious love! Thanks Dan Warren & Dave Rapoza!!

And.. as with all Comic Cons, Tom did a little sketch on the spot.. It was meant to go to the first person who made an offer, but in the end, Tom wanted to give it to Josh, who was moving away the following week. :’(

That’s it for today folks. Don’t forget to pick up your signed copy of Division issue #0 right here on the blog. Just follow the links on the blog post. And if you’d like to pick up any of our Fine Art prints of our concept art, check out our etsy shop at

Until next time…


Division Progress – Starting back up

As many of you may already know, we’ve been working to the wee hours on developing the artwork for Division. Our awesome writer Josh  developed the first 5 scripts for us. We toiled over them incessantly for months and months, until we all felt they were at their strongest, most cogent form. The entire process for this first arc was slow, painstaking but also incredibly rewarding and immensely fun. We would have regular iChat meetings to toss around ideas, discuss characters and plot arcs and attempt to flesh out story ideas in a way that both made sense, moved the story AND kept readers engaged with this brand new and multi-faceted world.

After we had met several times, had re-writes, tweaks galore and several bottles of tasty adult beverages, we arrived at the first 5 scripts. The first 5 comics, the first volume of an epic tale that promised to knock-socks-off without discretion. It was an amazing accomplishment and we all felt a very excited and satisfied sense of completion, having realized a dream, and brought to life a world that we all felt deserving of our best efforts at realizing and relating its many faces and nuances.

Then reality hit us in respect to the art, we were able to complete the first half of issue one and made it available, along with the script of that sequence, to the folks at New York Comic Con. Josh, Mel and Tom were all present to sign each copy and related, face-to-face with interested fans. It was a blast and the response was immensely inspiring. Newly imbued with determination and the adrenaline of having such an amazing response, we started back in with no delay. Since the Con, we’ve been planning out the remainder of issue one and thumbed out the rest of the book. Mel is hard at work executing line art every night, sleeping less than 4 hours a day to crank out the book. Tom has been working on this blog, designing the remaining characters and planning out the progress for the next books.

With this update, we mark the beginning of the next phase of development for Division and our first step into the vast unknown of awesomeness that will be these books. We will update this blog weekly (sometimes twice a week) with new artwork, sneak peeks at concept art and line work from the upcoming books.

So stay tuned. We’re really going all-in with this and can’t wait to unleash this beast upon the world! Check back often. We may even pepper in some cool exclusives, links and goodies from time to time..

No go have a happy Turkey day!




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