“The Division of Paranormal Enforcement (a super-elite special operations and law enforcement agency) has had its top agent ambushed and killed. Bitten and left for dead, agent Fiction is turned into “Neo-Mortem”: one of the undead. Now living again as one of the very things he had spent his entire career battling, and with his entire agency hunting him down, he has no choice but to traverse the underworld seeking revenge against his attacker and turning his back on everything he once believed in…”



Order a copy of the New York Comic Con 2013 debut success DIVISION Issue #1.

Original Story by Tom Kirrane Martinez

Written by Josh Breidbart

Line art by Melissa Martinez

Coloring and Cover Art by Tom Kirrane Martinez


The Wizard

Often we neglect to offer the proper credit and awareness to writers of comics. It’s easy to get distracted by beautiful art and forget that the lifeblood of the journey you’re on, flows from speech bubble to caption. There’s a fair amount of noodling and obsessing that goes on through the keyboard, just as much and sometimes more than that with the stylus and tablet. We all poured our blood, sweat, tears and God knows what other bodily fluids into this labor of love. Now we get to take a look at the man behind the curtain, tugging his lever, blowing plumes of smoke and flaming, really, just flaming a lot.. like a lot of flaming going on here.. and commanding our attention with his hand-crafted mechanisms of doom.

Josh Breidbart has worked his butt off to nail down some seriously awesome writing for Division. We love him truly and deeply. He wrote about his experience on his own blog and we’re going to share it here. Enjoy!

From “http://joshbreidbart.com/blog/“:

Hey everyone. Division writer Josh Breidbart, here to talk about the writing process and how Division came into being from my perspective. This is part 1: The Test.

So, when I first met Tom, the comic was called “Bloody Show”. I believe it had to do with how much blood and violence Tom wanted in it (he’s a sick man). Tom handed me a novelized draft of the first few chapters of his story, saying he was looking for a way to hone it into a comic. He told me he imagined Frank Miller meets Neil Gaiman with extra ass-kickage. A stylized noir. It was cool, it had vision and it had passion. I wanted in. If Tom didn’t offer me the job that fateful night I threw up 4 bottles of sake, I probably would have begged him myself (you know… after the hangover subsided).

So, when I begin, I have this awful habit of starting a script and throwing it in the garbage. Why? Because I’m a hack. Seriously though, it’s because I suck at outlining. A lot of people outline heavily so they know where the characters and the story is going. “Not me!” said the fool! Personally, my outlines are light because I like to find the characters in the writing. And usually, by the time I do, the story doesn’t reflect who they are, or their journey anymore. So I start over. The process works fine for me, as I love writing, but I’m sure is beyond frustrating to any partners I’m with (ie: The Tom and Mel of the group).

So, instead of taking the hard way, I tried something different. I wanted to make sure I understood Tom’s vision. Before launching into the first five issues, I did a “Test Script”. Not because it was requested, but because it gave me the chance to get to know Tom’s world and write it more accurately. It’s a fun tool, writing a secret history to the world that the audience never sees, because it adds a layer of depth for the writer (which then carries into the script). Normally, this wouldn’t be posted, and would just be something for me and Tom and Mel to talk about. But I wanted to give you all a first hand look at my first foray into the world of Division and how I saw it.

PLEASE NOTE: This is non-canon.


I had a lot of fun writing this. Maybe one day we’ll do this as a bonus mini-chapter (Tom’s gonna kill me for promising this). But this was great to prep me for the world and keep me from wasting time on any faulty drafts. Next time, I’ll share my experience on the first draft of Division that I wrote all five issues of…

And how I ended up throwing it in the trash anyway.


You can get some more helpings of Joshy goodness on his site http://joshbreidbart.com/

He also mentioned that he would be on hand for 1 day at New York Comic Con to sign the debut issue # 1 copies of Division with us. So, yeah.. that’s pretty awesome! All 3 hancocks on your issue # 1 :)

Now we leave you with one last little tidbit to enjoy since we were on the subject of the value of non-visual story and aesthetic tools. We’ve been working on a Division mood and inspiration playlist. We listen while we’re making the artwork and feel that these tracks really capture the characters and mood of the world of Division. Hope you guys dig it!


And here’s a nice image to pair with these tunes. This is a sample showing Division HQ in the big city.


- Tom


BACK FROM THE DEAD! With a Vengeance….


Whew! We’re back. Finally! The Holidays were a lot of fun. Unfortunately upon our return, we caught the flu… Then got better! Then got a stomach virus…. Then got better! and BOOM! HERE WE ARE! Finally rested, strong, healthy and diving deeply into work on Division.

Mel has been blazing through the remainder of the issue. She’s churning out line art like nobody’s business. When she collapsed from fatigue this morning, we dragged her off to bed and then raided her computer to sneak a sample to you! So here have a look at one of the thumbnail sketches from somewhere in the second half of issue 1. It’s just a sketch so the final product will be a far cry from this carnival of generic Tom-like figures.

A small sample from the second half of issue 1

A small sample from the second half of issue 1

While Mel is hacking through the jungle of interior pages, Tom is hard at work planning the cover art for the issue. He’s been tossing some ideas around with Mel and cranking out dozens of thumbnail sketches to vet compositions and hone overall ideas. While he went for a 3am snack, we were able to pull one of his thumbnail sheets for you to check out some of the ideas he was working with for the cover!

some rough cover concept thumbnail sketches

some rough cover concept thumbnail sketches

Still no winners but a couple more sketches and something good ought to shake loose.

Aside from working on Division Tom and Mel have also been working on some other interesting side projects (yes that’s aside from Division and working full-time designer/illustrator day jobs).  Mel has been helping her Realm of REM novel blossom into an even more amazing universe of fantastical and macabre adventure. Maybe we’ll have a peek at some of her development materials on that project in the near future?  Tom recently completed a character concept painting for writer Josh Breidbart’s new writing project “Peril and Perish”. You can check out a sample of it here: http://joshbreidbart.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/peril-and-perish-teaser/   Tom’s piece is of the main protagonist Peril. Take a look!

Character Concept Design of Peril from Josh Breidbart's script Peril and Perish

Character Concept Design of Peril from Josh Breidbart’s script Peril and Perish

Well, we really hope you’ve enjoyed this brief update and news of our return. We will post more treats in the coming days. For now, it just feels good to be back, to be productive and in the thick of it with Division. It’s a world we’ve been living in for some time now, and we’re all very excited to start sharing it and inviting you in.

Until next time!