Hacking away at the bloody mess…

Hey troops, just checking in to let you guys know that Division issue 2 is still coming for you. We’ve been working on the book furiously and are excited to unleash it on everyone when it’s finally complete. We also have a bit of cool news to share. Although we won’t be attending New York Comic Con 2014 (and therefore the release of issue 2 will be afterward, at another convention), we will soon be releasing a very special new project for everyone to check out. It will be a special behind the scenes and inside the security barriers of The Division of Paranormal Enforcement and its top Agents. Watch this space for that announcement in the next few weeks.

Also, we have been fortunate to have a very talented colleague working on 3D models of the Division Agent Mark 2 Helmet that we debuted at the end of issue 1…. which you can still order online here: http://tommeldesign.com/division/?page_id=208 

Check this out:

This is the awesome work in progress 3D model of the Division Mark 2 Agent Helmet by our very talented friend. Check out his work on instagram @ash_james

This is the awesome work in progress 3D model of the Division Mark 2 Agent Helmet by our very talented friend. Check out his work on instagram @ash_james

This is the awesome work in progress 3D model of the Division Mark 2 Agent Helmet with our design overlay by our very talented friend. Check out his work on instagram @ash_james

This is the awesome work in progress 3D model of the Division Mark 2 Agent Helmet with our design overlay by our very talented friend. Check out his work on instagram @ash_james


We have some really huge things in the works right now and can’t wait to bring you more stuff! If anyone is interested in working with us on Division or any of our projects, feel free to reach out to us via email. We’re always trying to meet new talented folks :)

Until next time!

Ne letiferi vos dormientes deprendant.



Peaces, cheeses, and mushrooms.

Greetings and salutations to all our readers! Mel here!

I’ve been asked to write something… on this blog… about DIVISION! It was more along the lines of, “Geez Mel, would ya just crawl out from under your desk and greet our fans for a quick minute? I promise you can scurry back as soon as you’re done”.

“Just say a few words so that people know you exist”.
“I’ll massage your hands every weekend for a month”
Okay okay, but on a slightly more serious note, Division is a project that I’ve been swimming in for a good 2 years now. An intense swim across a deep black ocean of latex and vinyl, razor sharp heels, endless bullets and gnarly creatures. Hells yes.
Designing some of the characters for this world was a dream. I had never really had the opportunity to work on a project at this level. It’s usually something more along the lines of helping somebody else out with their own set ideas. So it was a real pleasure and a total rush to sit down with Tom and Josh and brainstorm what all these guys and gals look like, what they do, what they eat, what they wear, how they fight, etc. I can’t really tell you how exciting it is to put creative minds together to come up with a dope ass world. For me, this is what it’s all about and what gives me the drive I need to push all the way to make it happen.
Now, I’ll be straight with you and say it was not easy to finish that bad boy up. Working all those late hours for so long… it does things to you. Makes you crawl under your desk and curl up with your cats for a quick nap. Makes you not give a fuck about what you look like going out into the world. It does things to you. But when it’s all done, and you look back at it all… all you could say is helllllllll yessssssss. Now I’m off to bed for a few months.
I absolutely LOVE this comic. I LOVE this world. I LOVE these characters. They’ve become a part of me, and maybe a little of me has seeped into them. Just a little ;)
Division chomp!
Favoritest character of all? TRIAL of course!
Fiction’s cool too, hehe. But it’s nice to see a badass lady pretty much running the show. She was definitely one of my favorites to draw.
Trial - "the baddest b!itch in Division"
I’m super freaking proud of Issue 1 and can’t wait to see what Tom does with Issue 2! It’s sure to be even more amazing! I’ll be taking a break from Division for now and focusing on my own little project entitled The Realm of REM. But I’ll be back! (~accruing cheese points~)
A HUGE thank you to all of you who’ve supported us through the years. You all are a really big part of the reason we push so hard.
Peaces, cheeses, and mushrooms.
~ Mel ~
Mel Under
(yes, I work under my desk. thank you.)


“The Division of Paranormal Enforcement (a super-elite special operations and law enforcement agency) has had its top agent ambushed and killed. Bitten and left for dead, agent Fiction is turned into “Neo-Mortem”: one of the undead. Now living again as one of the very things he had spent his entire career battling, and with his entire agency hunting him down, he has no choice but to traverse the underworld seeking revenge against his attacker and turning his back on everything he once believed in…”



Order a copy of the New York Comic Con 2013 debut success DIVISION Issue #1.

Original Story by Tom Kirrane Martinez

Written by Josh Breidbart

Line art by Melissa Martinez

Coloring and Cover Art by Tom Kirrane Martinez


BACK FROM THE DEAD! With a Vengeance….


Whew! We’re back. Finally! The Holidays were a lot of fun. Unfortunately upon our return, we caught the flu… Then got better! Then got a stomach virus…. Then got better! and BOOM! HERE WE ARE! Finally rested, strong, healthy and diving deeply into work on Division.

Mel has been blazing through the remainder of the issue. She’s churning out line art like nobody’s business. When she collapsed from fatigue this morning, we dragged her off to bed and then raided her computer to sneak a sample to you! So here have a look at one of the thumbnail sketches from somewhere in the second half of issue 1. It’s just a sketch so the final product will be a far cry from this carnival of generic Tom-like figures.

A small sample from the second half of issue 1

A small sample from the second half of issue 1

While Mel is hacking through the jungle of interior pages, Tom is hard at work planning the cover art for the issue. He’s been tossing some ideas around with Mel and cranking out dozens of thumbnail sketches to vet compositions and hone overall ideas. While he went for a 3am snack, we were able to pull one of his thumbnail sheets for you to check out some of the ideas he was working with for the cover!

some rough cover concept thumbnail sketches

some rough cover concept thumbnail sketches

Still no winners but a couple more sketches and something good ought to shake loose.

Aside from working on Division Tom and Mel have also been working on some other interesting side projects (yes that’s aside from Division and working full-time designer/illustrator day jobs).  Mel has been helping her Realm of REM novel blossom into an even more amazing universe of fantastical and macabre adventure. Maybe we’ll have a peek at some of her development materials on that project in the near future?  Tom recently completed a character concept painting for writer Josh Breidbart’s new writing project “Peril and Perish”. You can check out a sample of it here: http://joshbreidbart.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/peril-and-perish-teaser/   Tom’s piece is of the main protagonist Peril. Take a look!

Character Concept Design of Peril from Josh Breidbart's script Peril and Perish

Character Concept Design of Peril from Josh Breidbart’s script Peril and Perish

Well, we really hope you’ve enjoyed this brief update and news of our return. We will post more treats in the coming days. For now, it just feels good to be back, to be productive and in the thick of it with Division. It’s a world we’ve been living in for some time now, and we’re all very excited to start sharing it and inviting you in.

Until next time!